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My Mind Change - Scientific Proof


Scientific Proof

We are frequently asked for additional information or proof of subliminal messaging, from a lot of people WHO are often skeptical and suspicious. We have compiled a couple of multiple studies which have been conducted on subliminal messaging using audio based messages.

Back in the 70's, the US Government banned subliminal messages on television and radio. Magazines such as New Scientist have conducted numerous experiments demonstrating exactly how such messages influence the mind. Popular bands have claimed that embedding subliminal messages into their music has kept them ahead of the game. Modern mind experts such as Derren Brown and the popular studies of William Bryan Key, Vance Packard, Eldon Taylor and even the controversial Dr James Vicary, all continue to keep the spark of subliminals very much alive.

Dr James Vicary used a well known experiment in a prominent industry to test subliminals. It involved flashing phrases like "I want popcorn" and "Drink more coke" for just milliseconds in front of a movie audience. Nobody consciously saw the messages but during the sitting, popcorn sales went up by 57.8% and coke sales rocketed 18.1%.

That may be the most famous and controversial owing to various conflicting reports as to its authenticity, but it is certainly not the only. More recently, there has been a flurry of televised experiments where subliminal messages are presented to individuals through subtle Audio or visual signs (such as a sign on the wall they are walking past). These messages, words, numbers or drawings are contemplated by the subconscious and eventually filter through to the conscious mind in the form of a feeling or thought.

It has been called the discovery of the 7th sense. The research into this phenomenon has been described as being of “Nobel calibre”. It has been featured in numerous publications around the world, and in the United States it became a household name in the late 90s. It is called Reverse Speech, the phenomenon of hidden backward messages in speech. It initially gained worldwide fame in the early 80s as those strange backward messages in rock and roll. Since that time, research has progressed significantly and it is now known to exist in all forms of human speech

If human speech is recorded and played backwards, mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard very clear statements. These statements usually appear in short sentence form and are nearly always related to the forward speech. It appears constantly throughout language, so much so in fact, that it is believed to be a natural part of our speech processes. Your conscious mind will hear slur or gibberish but your subconscious mind will comprehend exactly what is being said and take the message in 10 x faster than the normal subliminal. You can read more about Reverse Speech HERE

With Fast encoding, your conscious mind cant comprehend the quick "babble" of information but as with all our techniques, your subconscious can! Your subconscious can process one hundred million bits of data per second. It practically expects to be given data at a super fast rate. You can read more about this HERE