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My Mind Change - Weight Loss

Lose Weight by simply falling asleep... Sound to good to be true? It is scientifically proven to WORK!

Lose weight TODAY, you could start this very evening by simply pressing play and falling asleep. Feel the difference almost immediately. Start losing weight NOW...

You need not use headphones, you can play these tracks on stereo speaker!

Featured and tested by YOU/Huisgenoot Best Diets 

Available in English and Afrikaans!   

Sleep Reprogramming is a technique of feeding powerful suggestions to your mind while you sleep, reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Subliminals are subconscious commands that can be used to reprogram your brain, in exciting and positive ways.

  • Yes – these are the MOST ADVANCED Sleep Reprogramming recordings ever produced. And they're EASY to USE too. Simply play the CD on repeat as you fall asleep. There's nothing extra you need to do. Just relax – and let the recording do ALL of the hard work for you!
  • Each recording will literally begin reprogramming your inner thoughts - changing your life from the inside; starting on the VERY FIRST NIGHT you use them. And after that, the RESULTS just get BETTER and BETTER.
  • You're converting your eight hours of sleep into a fully-fledged, completely relaxing, totally enjoyable HYPNOSIS SESSION.
  • And NOW is YOUR chance to take advantage! Extremely powerful. 
  • Wow, now these are POWERFUL SKILLS – and YOU could be experiencing EACH of these CD recordings, and REPROGRAMMING your deepest thoughts – within the next few days.
  • And remember, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT you put this recordings on repeat, you're continuously IMPROVING each of the skills and habits – BOOSTING your abilities beyond anything you can currently imagine.... All without ANY effort whatsoever!
  • Start losing weight NOW!

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