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My Mind Change - About Us


About Us

My Mind change represents an extraordinary commitment to bring you the foremost advanced technology in subliminal improvement tools offered for fast results. We tend to value your personal investment during a positive manner for self-improvement.

Experience the positive effects of self-improvement in your personality, confidence, success and happiness today. My Mind change has the precise subliminal Self Improvement Tools to assist you to improve each aspect of your life. self-help educational and self-improvement. Experience the positive effects of self-improvement in your personality, confidence, success and happiness today. My Mind change has the precise subliminal Self Improvement Tools to assist you to improve each aspect of your life.

Would you prefer to NATURALLY stimulate your mind to achieve a bonus in achieving your goals?

Our Sleep Reprogramming subliminal’s, Silent Subliminals and brainwave entrainment CD’s can directly penetrate your un-conscious mind. This enables you to form lasting changes to your thoughts, habits, and behavior to dramatically improve your life, and assist you to attain your goals a lot easier.

About the Team

As owners, we've a combined seven plus years of skilled, technical, educational and life expertise. After virtually hundreds of hours of research and processing, we developed a unique combination of technologies and sound that work. We make use of 4 layer technology in our sleep Reprogramming CD’s which on its own, may be a more powerful track than the other tracks been offered these days.

What is a subliminal?

A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below (sub) the normal limits of perception. For example it might be inaudible to the conscious mind (but audible to the unconscious or deeper mind) This definition assumes a division between conscious and unconscious which can be misleading; it may be more true to suggest that the subliminal message (Sound or Image) is perceived by deeper components of what's integrated in the mind.

What is Sleep Reprogramming?

Sleep reprogramming is a technique of feeding powerful suggestions to your mind while you sleep, reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Subliminals are subconscious commands that can be used to reprogram your brain, in exciting and positive ways. They are embedded into relaxing CD recordings.

Sleep reprogramming will do the precise SAME JOB as Hypnosis – except for each and every SINGLE HOUR that you're asleep! When are you most RELAXED? When is your mind totally open to suggestion? Once you are in those deep, deep, susceptible Delta brainwave states that the hypnotherapist solely DREAMS of obtaining? only if you are in bed and ASLEEP!

Sleep Reprogramming is like attending a particularly powerful eight hour hypnosis session every single night. It's powerful – and it has been thoroughly proven too! There is a whole branch of science referred to as “hypnopedia”, which documents the influence of commands while you sleep. The United States even use the technique to teach Morse code to military recruits while they sleep... with great SUCCESS!

Sleep reprogramming is maybe the simplest kept secret within the self-development trade.

It's SO simple that you could put some of the techniques behind Sleep Programming to practice yourself, and start reprogramming your OWN mind – today. IT'S POWERFUL.

These are the foremost ADVANCED Sleep Reprogramming recordings ever made, and they are easy to USE too. Simply play the CD on repeat as you go to sleep. There is nothing extra you need to try and do. Simply relax – and let the recording do ALL of the hard work for you!

Each recording can virtually begin reprogramming your inner thoughts - changing your life from the within, beginning on the very first NIGHT you use them. And afterward, the RESULTS simply get better and better.

You're changing your eight hours of sleep into a fully fledged, completely relaxing, totally pleasurable hypnosis SESSION. And now is YOUR time to take advantage! 

What are Silent subliminals?

A silent subliminal is a track that has no sound to it. It's processed at a frequency that only the inner ear will hear. Our Silent subliminal audios are one of the easiest ways in which to help you reach just about any goal, you will love the results! 

Set it and forget it! Simply press play and auto-repeat on your laptop, CD or MP3 player and your mind will do the rest! 

Our Silent Subliminals are produced at a frequency that your mind can perceive at a subconscious level, however you cannot consciously, thus they’re not distracting (no annoying music or masking sounds). Listen at home, at your laptop while you work, anywhere. The more you play our Silent subliminal, the more your mind can follow the positive suggestions. 

What is brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is the most straightforward, EFFECTIVE and inexpensive tool for personal growth and self-healing, on the market nowadays. There is NO coaching needed to attain full benefits from this fast and simple method.What is brainwave entrainment?

BRAIN WAVE ENTRAINMENT is a scientific process that synchronizes your brain wave frequency to a specifically designed audio frequency recording to attain a desired state of mind. Your internal brain rhythms are adjusted to synchronize with an external cycle of a sound wave–the designed sounds and rhythms.

Your brain waves resonate with this outside frequency and influences the state of your mind. With this method, you'll target a particular concern like depression, or pain or even falling asleep. With Brainwave entrainment, you'll tune your brain waves to any brainwave like theta, gamma, delta, beta, and alpha to achieve many different states of mind.